Cavemen eating chocolate bars


Evolution is ultimately to blame for our obesity epidemic and weight gain problems as our bodies cannot keep up with the progression of food science. This is not an excuse for this issue but does go some way to explaining its existence and shows us the path back to normal weight ranges. So sabre tooth tiger steaks for dinner then?

Our bodies have evolved only slightly in the last 2 million years, in that time statistically we are now taller (maybe in reaction to supermarket shelves getting higher?!?!?) but essentially we are the same and our ability to process food is still the same. So with the advent of trans-fats in food, the explosion of sugar in foods and the easy access to food anywhere, how did we think the body was going to react?

Ultimately the body does not really understand why we need to put so much sugar it is system as it still thinks that the primary function of sugar, is to fuel the muscles to go and hunt woolly mammoths. These days the most hunting most people do is the hunt to find the pizza, with the longest ‘best before’ date. Unused sugar typically gets stored as fat on your hips and stomach as the body does not know what else to do with it and it has to go somewhere. Protein gets used to repair damaged tissues and whatever is left gets used as a fuel source in the muscles which means even less space for the sugar to go, as the muscles are already full.

With the higher rates of sedentary jobs, that mean we hardly move most of the day then the body has no need for all the sugar that we pump into it. The need to travel long distances on foot, to find and hunt food, are long gone but the body has not evolved to deal with this yet. So whilst the number of ‘express’ supermarkets are constantly rising we need to stay focussed on reducing the amount of sugar we intake to counter this lack of ‘hunting’.

So balance your diet and think about eating more like a caveman which for most people means decreasing carbohydrates and sugar and increasing protein, vegetables, fruit and good fats. This summer maybe some dinosaur burgers could make a come back..........




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